7 Signs You Need to Change Your Underperforming Dental Lab

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The quality of your dental lab is extremely important for the success of your dental practice. Dental labs are not created equal. If you experience issues with your current dental lab, it may be time to switch. In this post, we share the top seven signs that you should change your dental lab.

1. Delays In Service

Your dental lab should be able to deliver quality services in a timely manner. Whether your lab recently demonstrated slower service times or they always lacked in speedy service, this is not something you want to compromise on. For the sake of your patients, you need a dental lab that consistently meets reasonable turnaround times. Regardless of the reason, your dental practice should not take a back seat to your dental lab’s priorities.

2. Low Quality

Service speed is only one important factor. The quality of the services is also very important. Low quality is a huge warning sign that you need to find a better dental lab. High-performing labs have quality control systems in check to ensure the quality you deserve. If the quality is lacking from your dental lab, it’s time to make the switch.

3. Poor Communication

Communication is the key to preventing and resolving many issues. Poor communication is not only frustrating, but it can also lead to additional problems that affect your dental lab. The best dental labs work with you to set communication standards and they always meet these expectations. Lack of clear, timely communication is a red flag that it’s time to leave that dental lab. Dental labs who do not care about your practice enough to communicate effectively should not be trusted.

4. Overcharging

Of course, there is a relationship between price and quality. It makes perfect sense to pay a bit more to ensure the quality your patients deserve. However, you should never pay for higher quality than you are getting. If your current dental lab is overcharging for the quality they offer, it is time to get out.

5. Lack of Modern Materials and Technology

The dental industry is a rapidly changing and developing industry. In order to provide the best care to patients, dentists must use industry-leading technology. Dental labs have the same responsibility to stay up-to-date with the materials and technology they use. If our current dental lab uses outdated methods, it is time to move to another lab.

6. Send work overseas or using other labs

In order to cut costs, some dental labs send work overseas. This is an unfortunate practise that can lead to low-quality products that violate codes. Many overseas labs do not comply with the same health and cleaning standards required in Canada. Dental labs that send work overseas are more likely to have poor quality control and lower-quality materials.

7. No support with difficult cases

Your dental lab should be able to offer support to your dental practice. Reputable dental labs should have the important experience and expertise to provide support to your practice. New, inexperienced labs will not have the knowledge from experience to support you.

Does your current dental lab show any of the warning signs above? If so, it’s time to look for a new dental lab. For the quality, affordability, and experience you need, look no further than Dental Labs Canada. We have a growing network of the nation’s top dental labs. All of our labs are extremely well run and have the quality you deserve. Now is the time to find the perfect dental lab for your practice.

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