Dental Labs Canada

Dental Labs Canada is one of the country’s top dental lab groups. Through our focus on innovation, efficiency, and scalability, we are able to transform dental labs around the nation. Our primary focus is to improve every lab we acquire in a way that benefits the employees and clients. In a short time, we have already grown to 4 dental labs in 10 locations with a total of 156 team members.
We are founded on important values, and always strive to create a positive experience through our business. We respect each and every individual that is part of our dental lab family. We operate on integrity, and always uphold ethical standards. Excellence is our priority, as our whole team is dedicated to creating an excellent environment in each of our dental labs. Dental Labs Canada prides itself on valuing time and resources for optimal efficiency while delivering premium customer service to all of our dental labs and clients. The pillars of Dental Labs Canada include:
  • High-Quality Service
    We focus on improving the efficiency and performance of every dental lab we acquire. To each lab, we bring an experienced team and industry-leading tools and technology.
  • Care for All
    Dental Labs Canada cares about the future of the dental labs we acquire. We offer top-quality services, technology, and methods while focusing on a smooth transition for all employees and clients.
  • Trust
    It is incredibly difficult to put the future of your dental lab in someone else’s hands. Our team works closely with you to plan and implement a fair transition period so you can assure your dental lab will be in good hands with Dental Labs Canada.
Unparalleled customer service that separates us from other dental lab groups
You can always expect loyalty, honestly, and ethics from our team.
We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional products and services.
We value time and resources and work to efficiently sustain growth as an organization.

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