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Dental Labs Canada is one of the leading dental lab groups in the nation. We offer top-of-the-line resources and experience to improve every lab we partner with. With a strong administrative team, leading technology, and vetted processes, we are able to build upon well-run labs and grow them into very profitable, efficient laboratories.

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The Benefits Of Partnership

When Dental Labs Canada partners with a lab, we provide many incredible benefits. Our lab opportunities benefit you, your team, and all of your clients. When you partner with Dental Labs Canada, you gain far more time to pursue the other interests and passions in your life. This will bring you a better balance in life. We also benefit your team, because we know how important the people are for every dental lab. We ensure streamlined operations, professional development, and inspired culture. Every single thing we do for our dental labs is with our clients in mind. We focus on optimal client care and can provide access to the most advanced tools and technology. Because your team will receive enhanced training and learn more skills, they will be better equipped to optimally serve all clients.



Work with the lab to attract and retain the best dental lab professionals in the industry.

human resources

Human Resources

Provide training and guidance to your team so the lab feels supported at all times.



Work with your lab to drive new customer flow and maintain your outstanding reputation in the community.

operations support

Operations Support

Deliver a tailored approach to supporting the day-to-day needs of your lab.

retained ownership

Retained Ownership

Keep an ownership stake and continue to benefit from the business you have built.

supported automony

Supported Autonomy

Maintain control of lab operations with an experienced team to support you.

diversify assets

Diversify Assets

Lock in the value of your lab and diversify into other investments.

work life balance

Work-Life Balance

Relieve operational burdens to spend more time doing the things you love.

New Dental Lab Partners

We Would Love To Hear From You

At Dental Labs Canada, we are always looking to expand our team with quality laboratories. We have opportunities available for qualified dental labs. We are able to take solid laboratories and bring them to the next level of performance. We are looking for:


Successful, well-run laboratories


Dental labs that uphold a strong reputation for quality and customer service


Full-service, fixed, removable, ortho, or combination labs


Dental lab partners who are willing to work through a transition period to ensure a smooth transition


Lab partners who care about the long-term success of the business, employees, and clients they are leaving behind

We are actively seeking new partnership opportunities throughout Canada. If you meet the criteria above, Dental Labs Canada would love to hear from you. Our team would be happy to tell you more about Dental Labs Canada, how we will benefit your lab, the partnership process, or anything else you may have questions about. To learn more about our dental lab opportunities, contact us today.

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We are always looking to expand our team with quality laboratories. We have opportunities available for qualified dental labs.